Winter Formal Dresses

Depending on the type of celebration that you have planned through the winter months, the holiday and winter formal dresses from Scala can provide you with the fashion you need to be the hit of every party. Their short and full-length evening wear is made in the colors and the materials that are ideal for those holiday festivities that require something special. For instance, the gold and emerald design of the 14238 in beaded silk is the perfect blend of bright and bold embroidery with the soft gold silk background to make it a great choice for numerous winter celebrations. The strapless design offers even more beauty with the super fit.

The one shoulder sequin dress in emerald is one of the most appropriate winter formal dresses available from Scala. It's made in a style we all love with one ¾" sleeve and a two tone sequin pattern that makes it stand out. It will take you to any event in total style! It's also available in navy and brown/gold. The collection of winter formal dresses also includes another favorite take on the one-shoulder design with the turquoise and multi-print gown. This new style showcases a one-shoulder long sleeve and a bold, bright sequined print. Steal the attention of the night at any occasion in a unique, one-of-a-kind dress.

If you want winter formal dresses that offer more coverage, the 14265 in nude/gold is a great choice. It is made with two ¾" sleeves with a daring plunging neckline. The result is a beaded silk dress that is both sexy and chic in an incredible color scheme that will look great on anyone. The 47326 is one of the few choices in winter formal dresses that you can use two ways! It makes a great party dress for any of your winter or holiday special occasions. You can also add leggings and wear it as a formal tunic for an exciting night on the town.

For something different in winter formal dresses, the 9056 in poly-chiffon is an ultra-feminine choice. Made in a bubble design, it has beautiful embroidery on the back which continues onto the top front. Choose from black, emerald, or royal blue. Another feminine choice in winter formal dresses is the silk E28026 in gorgeous, holiday red. It's a great choice for your holiday celebration or for any special occasion. The length and detail at the hem is impeccable with hidden stones that shine through. Detailing continues on both shoulder straps. Nothing looks more feminine than ruffles and this gorgeous dress has just the right amount!

To browse the selection of winter formal dresses, visit No season would be complete without your choice of an ideal formal gown to take you through all of those special occasions. Turn heads with these unique and beautiful designs when you find a store that carries Scala near you. For winter formal dresses that are unique in design and offer a great fit, Scala is the brand of choice! Count on them to make your evening an even more special one.